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Why do we wrap DOC bands for free?

Because we can, it is our opportunity to make something a bit difficult a bit better. Or maybe because babies are so cute!

Wrapping DOC bands was not our idea. We got started when  Elite Sign & Design, one of the shops in our network, SignBiz, Inc, shared with the group a program they had become part of, Wrap Buddies a non-profit based out of a sign shop in Dallas TX. We joined Wrap Buddies and they provided us with designs, a template and some instructions and inspiration.

We are often asked "Can we make a donation?" we do not have a 501C3 set up for accepting donations, however, for those wanting "pay it forward" we suggest New Challenge Ministries in Torrance they help feed many people in the South Bay many of them children, whatever you can share with them will go along way in making another families difficulties a bit better.